Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with the Old

I got up this morning tired but feeling good. Yesterday was a good day all the way around. I went out to George's about 10:30 and he loaded me up with work (mainly typing thank you notes) for the rest of the day. There's much to be said about having something to do ALL day. Busyness also keeps the mind occupied and I didn't think once about eating.

Last night there was just a weigh-in because we had a pool party scheduled at Vera's. I was confident I had a loss, although the scales were up a little from Sunday. I really craved a Sunday morning breakfast, gave into the craving, so maybe that's the reason, but the overall result was still down for the week. FLUCTUATION, keep remembering that. The only disappointment was that Sunday when I weighed, I got past that hash mark that I had strived to come back from vacation with and found it wasn't meant to be. I at least achieved my goal of a no-gain vacation. I didn't post anything Sunday because I was holding my breath that it really happened but come Monday morning found that prize was just a figment of my imagination on the UNofficial scales.

I drank water throughout the day. If I can do that on Monday trying to flush out a loss, why can't I do it the rest of the week? I weighed on the scales at work before I left and it looked like the water exercise didn't work this time. I was still above that hash mark. I had to set my mind in the right direction and be thankful for my loss ... that was my main focus, right?

Drum roll ... on the official scales a loss of 1.5# and 1/2# on the other side of the hash mark. My breath is taken away once more but I'm not holding it, it a long cleansing breath to get ready for next 4 1/2# stripped from my frame, my goal for August.

Vera gives out report cards every month showing our progress for the month and for the year. I find that I'm now in double digits from the beginning of the year. Another accomplishment to cheer about. It's still very easy to be critical of only 10 pounds but I'm not looking at it that way. I'm looking at my new path, my new thinking, my new zest for life and it's only going to get better.

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