Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keep Moving

Yesterday was a much better day. Things do seem to have a way of working out. I was pretty busy at work, which is a blessing in itself. It doesn't give me a lot of time sitting around and let my mind wander ... usually in the wrong direction. George is back in the office for a couple of hours each day since his horseback accident and it makes the workday more routine.

Yesterday when I went out to pick up something for our lunch (George was buying), it seemed like I had to pass more homeless people and their signs than usual. I always feel bad walking past these individuals, keeping my head down focused away from them, wondering if I'm turning my back on someone that really needs help. I even took an alternate route back to the office to avoid this unpleasant reminder but it ended up making no difference. It seems like there was someone on each street corner. I need to realize, however, you can't help everyone and some people just like living the way they are and don't want to change, even if it means living less than a life they could.

I guess it's the same way with losing weight, living healthy and being happy with whom you are along the journey. That doesn't mean you can't ask for help but there are better ways than thinking someone else is going to lift that burden and make it all better. There is work involved on your part and sometimes it tough and you think you can't live any other way than what you're living now. I guess the first step is wanting to change and willing to work to make it happen. I believe that I've taken that step and even though some days I feel a little confused and want to give it all up for that moment or that day, I know all I need to do is look a little deeper within myself, ask myself a few questions, have faith and keep moving and persevering toward that goal.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I totally agree with your post and I feel the same way. Wanting and willing - a novel concept, isn't it?