Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lessons Learned

Today is a brand new day and I'm so glad we get that "do over" opportunity. I learned two things you need, that top the list when you're on this journey, and they are rest and water. Lack of those make the task a bit more difficult. I didn't sleep well Monday night and yesterday my foggy mental state seeped into my physical well being. I had already learned that dehydration even on a moderate level can make you tired. However, a lesson learned isn't always practiced. Lack of those two things accompanied by being surrounded by negative situations caused a small relapse for me. I just wanted to totally get away from it all yesterday. To break away from the norm and not to have to think about each step. While my eating wasn't the best, I didn't cast fate to the wind and eat everything in sight or search out those items in cupboards, the freezer or in drawers. I also learned that exercise could be just what is needed to lift that fog and see things a bit more clearly. Yesterday's Zumba class went so quickly and I actually felt so much better on my drive home. I tried hard yesterday to get past all those emotional setbacks and I posted on my Facebook page that I needed a pep talk and had a few responses. I also googled "Pep Talk" and ended up looking at Patton's final pep-talk to the troops. I have decided to change my analogy of sports and having a victory to becoming a soldier and winning the war. I find that in sports it's about the competition. Others are involved that want to win as badly as you. But, even if you're on the same team, some players are better than you are, the so called "Stars". Some times that makes you work harder but it could also be defeating if you're always coming in second. However, when you're engaged in war you're also working as a team, but individual effort is vital, especially to your fellow commrades. You both fighting for that ultimate goal which is freedom. I retreated during yesterday's battle but the war is still mine to win.

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Anonymous said...

Another good read. Don't you love those "do overs?" Thank goodness they are available to us every minute, every hour, every day - ours for the taking.