Sunday, August 15, 2010


Got up at 8:00 yesterday morning and didn't feel too bad although Gary greeted me when he came in from his walk with "how ya feeling ... you still look a little out of it". I'm not a morning person, so maybe that was it. My wonderful husband fixed me breakfast and I worked on putting some of our vacation pictures in an album. It's not exactly scrapbooking. After I get all the pictures in the album, I'll go back and embelish the pages with stickers and some narrative. One of my non-weight goals is to work on all the pictures we've taken over many years and get them in a form where they can be enjoyed instead of in a box, on a CD or in a file on the computer. It will be an outlet when I feel bored or want to engross myself in something instead of gazing into the fridge or pantry.

After doing some Saturday morning chores, it was getting to be lunchtime. Where it came from I have no idea, but I had a craving for a gas station hot dog. I did a search on the net and found there was about 8 points in this gourmet lunch. It's what I wanted and you're not suppose to deprive yourself of what you want, right? I could work it into my plan but it would it be all that I could have for lunch, one lonely hot dog on a bun. Was I sure it was what I wanted. While I was doing my search on Dottie's Weight Loss Zone, I happened across the point values at McAlisters and thought mmmmm, they have an under 500 calorie menu ... That's what I really wanted and that's where we headed for lunch.

After lunch I had some unfinished business to take care of, that being swimsuit shopping. I wasn't going to give up on that. Although, I was a bit disappointed yesterday I was worth the effort to continue my search. I dropped Gary off at home and headed to the mall. I parked by VonMar so that was my first encounter with limited choices. I normally wear a 16 but the only suit I liked was an 18. I've been trying to convince myself not to get hung up on numbers. My frustration with numbers on the scale, kept me off of them this week after Stephanie's challenge and I knew I shouldn't get hung up on numbers on labels either. Well it didn't look too bad but the top was a little big ... what's new, I've always been out of proportion that way. The other factor was while it was a good buy being on sale, it was still sixty bucks. Did I want to spend that much on a suit that hopefully by next year, I'd be too small for ... especially on top since that's the first place I lose weight. I continued to the next store which was Penney's. I found a couple of suits, one was a 16 and the other I couldn't find the size but it looked about the same and it had a skirt. When I got in the dresssing room, I found the size of the skirted suit was a size 12. Do I even attempt to get it over my biggest flaws. It must be because of the stretchiness of the spandex but it went over my hips and butt. After I tried both on, I decided that although I wasn't totally turned off by either of them, I would continue looking. After five more stores with no success, I headed back to Penney's. When I left the dressing room there, I gave the suits to the gal manning the try-on room and she hung them up on a rack, so I thought they'd be easy locate. Well, upon my return the rack was empty, so I headed over to the rack with the swim suits. There were several yellow and black suits but none in the size 16 that I tried on. The size 12 floral was missing too. Hang in there, Sheilah don't get frustrated maybe one of the other size 12 might fit if it was cut right. I found one but it was polka dots. The but came from Gary making a crack about polka dots when we were watching "Project Runway" the other night. But I liked it. Looking at it after I tried it on, I fantazied with the adjustable straps, that it would be something I could wear next year with a flatter belly and smaller thighs, if I didn't stretch it out too much in the couple of times I'd wear it before next suitsuit season.

Swimsuit shopping wasn't the diaster I have always envisioned it to be. I actually enjoyed time to myself doing something just for me. Was it the attitude that I went into this little expedition with, about deserving something good for me? Yeah, could be. I'm looking forward to getting together with friends. Maybe I'll even try water skiing.

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