Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too Much

Why should the weekend be any different? It's just another day or series of days isn't it? Every day is a brand new start isn't it, but those days are "my" days. Activiites that I do for myself and my family. Is it because of less committment or that I can vary my activities. I don't know but I live for the weekend and I am very jealous that Gary is retired and has one long weekend with vacations inbetween.

I had thoughts running through my head for weekend activities as I left the office at noon yesterday. Gary had mentioned going shoe and grocery shopping when I got home. I thought that also included going out for lunch and was anticipating what sounded good and would fit into my plan. When he mentioned that there was ham in the fridge, I thought why not save some money and I'd be able to keep a thumb on my point intake too, so we had lunch at home.

While we were at Target looking at the shoes that rated high in Consumer reports I got the courage to try on swimsuits ... mistake. We're going to a friend's place on a lake Sunday and I needed a new suit. One piece of clothing that I really feel uncomfortable in is a swimsuit. The one I had wasn't too bad because the bottom is like gym shorts and the top like a tank top but I recently put my finger though it pulling it up over my oversized hips. Anyway, it's the end of the season and I thought maybe there would be a good sale. Well, the selection was very limited and the two I tried on were unacceptable. They showed off all the major flaws that I didn't want to be reminded of. I was done and didn't want to think abaout what I would face Sunday.

My next plan for the afternoon was to hit the gym. Boy did I ever need that ... literaly, I need to be in the gym for about ten hours straight from what I just witnessed. I did my bike and treadmill work and walked out into the furnance. We've had oppressive heat for the last few days and it was even difficult to breathe. I asked Gary if we could go to the bookstore before we did the grocery shopping. I wanted to see if there was anything that I might to want to order for my Kindle and see if they have any Zumba DVD's. As I walked in I felt a bit lightheaded and by the time I got to a chair at the back of the store my vision was somewhat impaired. Had I overdid it at the gym or maybe a combination of working out and the heat. I decided to go home, forgo the grocery and relax the rest of the day. We had our normal Friday night fried rice but I went to bed shortly after dinner hoping I wasn't getting sick. I needed all my strength as I still had things to do and people to see because it was the weekend.

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