Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are you sure?

I have been challenged and I accept the challenge to stay off the scales this week. Something needed to be fixed in my relationship with them and maybe separation will be good. My first thought was to analyze the situation. Why do I weigh myself? Do I believe in the numbers game, is weighing daily a positive or a negative? It was then I realized that I always tend to blow things out of proportion, making them bigger than what they should be. Overall, it tenses me up and makes me sweat the small stuff needlessly. This is a lifestyle I'm trying to incorporate into my life and not some big drama day after day. My main goal is to enjoy life and be happy and not create roadblocks that will prevent me from doing that and sometimes making myself miserable. I will now set out to find value in knowing that I stayed on plan, that I exercised, that I played it forward by sending a card to a friend, encouraging them in their quest.

As also was suggested, I have switched my numbers game from the scales to counting point and being vigilant about doing that. I had become lax in keeping track and made the mistake of running the totals in my head. Not to analyze, but I don't think that I was being honest or consistent. An example was Monday after my TOPS meeting when we went to Steak N Shake for dinner after the meeting. From past experience I knew the point count in a double steakburger with cheese and a small fry and it worked into my plan. Monday, I heard someone mention onion rings. Mmmm, that sounded good, they should be about the same calorie count. My logic was that a potato was certainly more calories than an onion and the portion size of the onion rings was smaller about 6 or 7 in an order. Well .... you know what they say when you ASSUME. Let me break it down ... it makes an ASS of U & ME. There's also a carpentry rule about measure twice ... cut once. It helps prevent the disaster and need to start over. Check your calories or points before you put it in your mouth. Make sure you know the value don't assume, don't guess.

By the way there are 790 calories in onion rings and 440 calories in fries. The points are 19 vs. 10. WAKE UP CALL! This threw my points off for the day but I didn't let it throw me for a loop. An adjustment will be made and I relish the knowledge I attained to help me in the future.

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