Friday, August 27, 2010

I've got a friend

I've been avoiding the scale for the last couple of weeks except for my weigh-ins on Monday at TOPS and it seems to be working keeping my mood on an even keel about my progress. But, yesterday morning I found success somewhere other than a scale. It was in a pair of blue slacks that I haven't been able to wear I know in well over a year, maybe longer. I had been wondering how long or how many pounds it would take to see a change in my clothes. Years ago a rule of thumb was lose ten pounds go down a dress size. That has never worked for me. Maybe because my body is so disproportioned. Different designs fit differently and the cost of the clothes sometimes makes a difference too. I have been avoiding trying on anything that I don't normally wear because I just didn't want to be reminded that I wasn't quite where I wished to be. This morning, however, I wanted to wear a certain jacket and the only thing in my closet that would go with it was the blue slacks. Do I dare try? The last time I checked I could hardly get them over my thighs. As I held my breath, which would be practice for what was to come later, I found that I even had a little wiggle room in the upper leg portion of the pants. I think Zumba and the time I’ve been spending on the bike was paying off. While the legs weren’t skin tight, the waist was … so I took a big deep breath and yep got it buttoned. They were tight but I was determined to claim victory and wear my navy blue outfit.

I really want to keep with my schedule of the gym on Thursday nights. The last couple of weeks Gary has gone with me. He has been under the weather all week and I knew I shouldn’t bother asking him about going. I really need someone, not really to exercise with, but just go … it would give me that push and motivation I need but since I don’t, I’ve got to dig down deep and convince myself it’s the thing to do and not call the game due to whimpyness. I did go to the gym. Maybe the motivation tonight was what I wore to work this morning . The time on the bike was just like Zumba was on Tuesday night and that was that it was over before I knew it. I even did an additional five minutes on the bike, thanking it for my results. It’s a new friend that I promised to hang out with.

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Karyn said...

How awesome!! What a fabulous feeling! I've been avoiding pulling out some old clothes, but I think I will soon. I've always been one of those overweight people who wears everything loose and over-sized. So my clothes have become ridiculously loose, like big tents! So I'm gonna have to do something.

And way to go with the exercise. That's definitely an area that I need to be more deliberate about. Doing great with the food, but I know I should be moving more.

I'm so inspired by your successes...keep up the good work!