Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knowing the points before you eat them

NEWS FLASH .... yesterday I went to the gym, again. Why? I'm note sure yet. I don't think it was that I wanted to, more like I needed to. It's not over until it's over and this body has a lot more transforming to do until that time.

Gary had called to say he was taking Jim to the airport and I said that I would go to the gym while he was gone. I needed to work off the lunch I consumed. I didn't have time to make my sandwich and still get to the office on time and I thought well it wouldn't hurt to eat out once a week for lunch. I was thinking Subway but some how between 7:00 a.m. and noon the location got changed. Why in the world I wanted chili when it was 100 degrees outside I haven't a clue but that's where I found myself ... at Charlie and Barney's Chili Parlor. I have no idea how many points I consumed ... wait I just calculated it and it was between 15-20 points which wouldn't be too bad with a low-cal dinner but Gary had already suggested Stromboli's for dinner and that was anything but low calorie. Okay it'll be my high calorie day and that was good enough reason to go to the gym.

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