Monday, August 16, 2010

A Fun Day

Yesterday was to be a day of fun and I was ready. After we went to 9:00 mass, we circled back home to pick up our swimsuits and food and headed down to Ann and Dave's cottage on Lake Lemon. We knew we wouldn't be eating until late afternoon, so Gary wanted to stop on the way and get a sandwich. Trafalgar was our last chance that had any fast food and I knew there was a Dairy Queen there where I could stay OP with a B-B-Q sandwich. The parking lot looked empty though and we found out that they weren't opened yet. We drove down the way where there was a Burger King where I thought I could get a grilled chicken but didn't find that on the drive-thru board so as Gary started to order, I told him that I didn't want anything. I eyed a Subway sign and told Gary as I jumped out of the car, that I was going to walk over there while he waited on the food. He yelled back "I ordered you onion rings and a drink". On the short jaunt to Subway I thought about my encounter with Onion Rings on Monday and the lesson learned and knew it wouldn't be me that ate those onion rings. This was a new side of me. Normally I would just settle and not inconvenience anyone with my special needs.

We arrived at the lake, being the first guests to arrive, but before long everyone was there and we were loading the boat with coolers and snacks. It was another hot day and a good one to spend on the water. We headed over to the beach where we pulled the boat up and docked for awhile. I liked my new swimsuit but I still wore my coverup unless I was in the water. Even though I felt like a new me that wasn't going to deprive mysself of fun while I was transforming, I wasn't ready to come out entirely and expose myself, but I was a little more comfortable. This year I was determined to get in the water and have fun which meant putting on a swimsuit and that was a big step. We waded around in the water and I rode the waverunner which I could feel in my arms this morning from holding on so tight and bouncing up and down. I was really surprised at all the good healthy snacks people brought for the boat besides the carrot and celery that I brought. There was other veggies, fresh fruit and hummus and crackers. There was also chocolate chip cookies that I managed to avoid. After spending some time at the beach Dave drove the boat over to a cove, where he anchored and we all jumped in the water, and floated around. I kept moving by swimming, floating or treading water. It was a form of exercise and it was fun.

Around 4:00 we headed back to the cottage where Ann had marinated some pork tenderloin and Dave put those on the grill. We had a great meal together accompanied by the side dishes we brought. I had discovered I liked three bean salad, so that was my contribution. We visited some more after we ate and then it was time to head home. What a wonderful day.

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