Thursday, August 12, 2010


Why am I noticing so many scales. A scales in the bathroom at work, in magazines, at the store and I about tripped over ours in the dining room last night when Gary didn't push it back under the cabinet. I told him that Stephanie said to hide it. I guess it's just on my mind and it really shouldn't be. I think I've become too all engrossed in this diet thing. It seems like it's all I think, eat and sleep. The world is revolving around it and it shouldn't .... should it? I mean it's good to stay focused and make good choices but to become obsessed can't be a good thing. I'm taking it with a grain of salt because it's something new I've incorporated into my life and once it becomes more routine, it will become just that ... a part of living.

The past two days I have done well with eating ... and really with exercise too. I had my Zumba class on Tuesday and I seem to be getting in the groove. I'm more familiar with the music and the moves. There are favorites and ones that I'm not quite able to perfect just yet. She even put a couple of new tunes and moves in the routine and one I really liked. I have re-uped for the next six weeks. Last night I went to the gym. We renewed our membership there too and while it's only fifty bucks for the year, I still want to use it on a regular basis. It's a good outlet now, especially, because it is too hot to do any walking in the neighborhood.

I have been OP with my eating and last night even incorporated a glass of wine. Life is good when you work it right. Yesterday I had to take some things out to my boss who is recuperating at home after a nasty fall from a horse. One of the things was a tin of cookies from a colleague. He opened the goodies while I was there and of course offered me one. How could I refuse? Well, it goes like this. No thanks. I felt bad for about a 30 seconds and moved on.

Last night I had a call from my son, Erick. It's always good to hear his voice and hear how everyone is doing. He is planning on coming in for a Colts game and while I won't get to see him but for only a few hours, I cherish what time we have together. I need to have things to look forward to and some plans are coming together for the next couple of months. I'm taking the day off on Monday to spend with our grandkids, Jacob and Gracie, before they head off to school on Tuesday and I'm hoping there's nothing on Kim and Erick's schedule, so we can spend Labor Day weekend with them in Maryland. We also have planned a few days of R&R in Tunica.

So, today I'm more positive. It's going to be a great day and I'm noticing all the little things that make it great.

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