Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get This Week Behind Thee

Yesterday as I mentioned the scales were up and that set the tone for the day.  I tried to ignore it as much as I could.  I kept reminding myself that's natural fluctuation and as long as the dial didn't jump five to ten pounds overnight things were going to be okay, especially if I hadn't consummed an extra 4,000 calories.  Friday's are probably the best day of the week for me.  My schedule at work is that I work four days a week (Monday thru Thursday) except when my boss is in town on Friday and on those days, I work until noon.  Those 4 hours usually fly by and it gives me an early start on the weekend.

When I got home yesterday the plan was to go to the Outlet mall, have an early dinner and go to a high school football game.  I had a tons of things to do at home because we were gone last weekend, but life is short and domestic tasks can wait.  Gary's goal was finding a new backpack.  The one he has been using was a "Roots" brand that he bought in Toronto eleven years ago and he got good use out of it and it traveled well throughout the U.S., England and Ireland.  I was on the lookout for shoes and a top/blouse that had some royal blue in it to where with a pair of shorts I had bought earlier in the summer.  As what usually happens Gary found a good deal on a leather backpack at Wilson's Leather and I came home empty handed.  I may have to result to looking on the internet for shoes as I can't find anything in the stores.

Shoe shopping did make me have a wierd dream last night.  I don't normally remember my dreams but I have a vague memory of short snippit where I had invented these large tomato can things that you stepped into and walked in and they exercised your calfs and thighs.  No way my big feet could fit into a can, so I don't know where all that came from ... maybe those platform high heels that are in a lot of the shoe stores.

Dinner was Gary's choice and he picked Red Lobster where they were having their shrimpfest.  I knew I'd be alright with grilled chicken and a baked potato as I'm not a seafood lover but found that they now have pork chops on their menu and I had that.  It's serve with two chops and I felt bad about leaving one on my plate.  I would have brought it home to sit in the refrigerator and forget about but we were headed to the football game and I didn't want it sitting in a hot car.  Gary got his money worth of shrimp scampi.  We talked about how shrimp doesn't have that many calories ... it's the butter that's the demon.  He jokingly said he shakes that off.    

We were concerned about the weather for the game, but the skies looked pretty clear and we thought that maybe the storms they predicted were going to blow over.  At halftime we started to see lightning off in the distance and they called the game and we headed home.  I was kept busy most of the day and didn't realize until I got home that I was feeling puney and headed to bed.

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NAN said...

Grandsons'(they both play) baseball game was rained our Friday due to lightning more than rain! Bummer but they will have plenty more LOL. Hope you had a good Saturday; I purged some things and read a lot. Not much planned for today- how about you? Sunday school starts up again next week with Rally Day which also is a big potluck! That I don't need LOL.