Friday, September 14, 2012


Yesterday was very busy but it was a good day.  I wondered how after waking from a dream where I had been deceived and stabbed in the back by a good friend.  Normally with those kind of dreams, even though it is a dream, can set you off in the wrong direction ... but no, it was a great day.  I felt chipper most of the day with this feeling of bubbleness (if that's a word) keeping me in step with everything wonderful going on.

As I mentioned it was a busy day.  I had to iron and pack when I got home from work for our trip.  I amazed at the difference in how I was about vacations today versus when we were first married.  Then I'd be packed and the suitcases would be at the door a week before we were leaving.  Today, I'm still rushing around thinking I forgot something, leaving everything until the last minute.

Eating was right on target and I'm out to make sure that continues to happen on our trip.

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NAN said...

HAHA I still pack a couple of weeks in advance. I can't help it- I am a planner but I can also get out in a few minutes if I have to. My sis and I both are very low maintenance. Older Dd needs plenty of time- if we tell her to be ready at 9 we really mean 10 LOL. That way she'll be almost ready at 10. Have a great trip- I thought my son was going to be in the DC area but he and SO decided he needs to keep looking. We lived in Fairfax, NoVa 12 years.