Thursday, September 6, 2012


For some reason it's been a difficult week.  My head just isn't in it, as I continue to stay in the game but feel like I'm stumbling along the way.  Maybe it's the downer after traveling or the feeling of being out of step because of the holiday and losing a day this week.  The week should be be flying by, but it isn't.  It's been really hard to get out of bed in the morning ... it always is, but more so this week.  I can't wait for the weekend and I hope that I'll start feeling more normal whatever that is.

I went out for lunch yesterday and should have walked the remainder of my lunch hour but I used the excuse that it looked like rain.  I actually did get caught in the rain on the walk back.  I think I was more consistent when I went to the gym when I got home from work, so I need to consider doing that instead of saying I'm going to walk after dinner, as that hasn't been happening.

Gary has had his trail mix out and it hasn't bothered or tempted me up until last night.  In a moment of weakness I grabbed a handful on the way to bed ... of all times.  I'm not freakin' out about it but wondering why?  Maybe I needed the little bit to get it out of my system and a potential binge.  Whatever ... that's done and I feel that I'll eventually get to where I'm going.   

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NAN said...

Trail mix- yum. Salty snacks tempt me big time! I am making a pot of chicken soup as I type- bought a whole chicken and added onion, carrots and celery and some frozen veggies later. It's still hot here but I love soup and I'll be gone most of the day tomorrow. Do you usually know what's for dinner or does Gary surprise you? I obsess over food and have to know what I will be eating- chicken soup tonight LOL.