Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yesterday I felt I wasn't entirely on my game.  I don't feel that I have that much to write about, so I wonder about writing at all.  Yesterday, I could describe our day here in Pigeon Forge but this blog is mainly the day by day account of how I'm doing on the way to achieving my weight goal.  Of course that involves the activities but yesterday seemed to be such a lazy day and one where I lost some focus.  We lounged around the room until going down for breakfast and then came back and took our time getting ready to head out ... it was almost 11:00 when we left the hotel.  We headed for the outlet mall and its layout was prohibitive from parking in one spot and walking which would have been great exerise.  Instead we were in and out of the car many times which I guess counts for something.  We hit a couple of wineries, and had lunch at a hamburger joint.  At this point, I still felt I was doing okay.  Gary shared his onion rings with me and I had a few but felt good that it wasn't a whole order.  We visited the Titantic exhibit which was pretty cool and there was walking there.

We came back to the room to rest before going to a show and having a late dinner.  I hate eating late but the show was a last minute decision and because of the time we ate lunch and the starting time of the show, there was no option.  Dinner was my biggest downfall.  Woodside Grill.  If you saw that would you have thought it was a buffet.  Well, it turned out to be and maybe because I was tired I caved and filled my plate ... twice.  The first time it was salad and a chicken leg but TWICE.  The I'm on vacation thinking somehow got passed the .... it's so foggy, what was that other section of my brain that was helping me to make wise decisions.  Well, what's done is done and I know there still is hope and one out doesn't end the game.  I just don't want to see a delay of game on account of lame excuses.


Bernice said...

We are human! We all slip and fall. The question is what we do when we get back up! And it sounds like you already have a plan! So I know you will be fine.

NAN said...

aww don't beat yourself up. Remember you have been watching your food so a splurge once in awhile is OK and I bet you walked a lot too. I went to the older grandson's baseball game- they lost big but he had a hit and 2 really good plays- and then made a pot of taco soup. It's pretty healthy but lots of carbs. I am going to walk 30 minutes here and then shower before church. Have a nice Sunday.