Saturday, September 15, 2012


I normally like to write my posts in the morning about the previous day but here it is almost 9:00 p.m.  It been a busy day.

Gary picked me up from work yesterday and we started on our journey.  I couldn't believe the change in the weather.  It was very chilly and I questioned my decision about packing mostly shorts.  I guessed I'd have to make do or wear the same pair of jeans over and over.  I always have a jacket with me ... so even though I had sleaveless tops, I'd be okay there.  We're eventually going to be heading south so it should be a little warmer, but the weather is so unpredictable, so who knows.

We were going to break up the drive and spend the night in Washington, PA.  I booked our room through Hot Wire and got a good deal.  Our mystery hotel was the DoubleTree.  We were fortunate that it had a restaurant and lounge because it was about 9:00 when we checked in and we hadn't had dinner yet.  The restaurant was closed but they were still serving in the bar.  I looked over the menu trying to calculate what the calories would be and what would be the best choice.  It was a limited menu with mostly sandwiches and appetizers.  I saw a flatbread pizza and thought that might work.  When the server brought the food, I couldn't believe it ... that pizza could have fed a family of four.  I was expecting something along the line of an individual pizza.  I ate what I thought I could have ... okay I ate one more piece than that but I couldn't believe that I let her take 2/3's of the pizza away.  I could have eaten more, it was cracker thin but I knew that I had to stop.  I was hoping that Gary would eat some of it so it didn't seem to be a big waste, but he's trying to curb what he eats too.  I couldn't believe earlier that when we stopped for gas and he went instead the convenience store that he didn't come out with a bag of cornies.  I guess I'm getting to be a good example.  So the pizza was taken away and I guess I can say better it go to waste than to my waist.

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