Monday, September 17, 2012


We knew where we were having lunch ahead of time yesterday which is always a plus.  Erick wanted to go to the Green Turtle because they had all the NFL games and they seat you where your favorite team is playing.  In this household, we are COLTS fans.

I pulled up their menu, looked it over and pretty much knew what I was going to order ahead of time.  An apple pecan salad looked good.  I then remembered that here in Maryland all chain restaurants had to have the calories posted on their menus, I searched and downloaded their menu .... but wow, that was a shocker and time to change my decision.  I always heard about salads are not ALWAYS the best choice but holy cow that salad had 1175 calories.  That's almost my whole day's allotment and I had already eaten cereal for my breakfast.  As I was checking out my options, Gary got interested and couldn't believe the calorie count on some of the items he would have chosen.  I AM rubbing off on him.  What was my "final answer".  I chose the cheeseburger sliders and french onion soup.  My calories were at 610.  While that's still high for lunch, it was doable.  Of course two of the sliders came home in a "to go" box but I'm okay with that.

Yesterday the Colts won and so did I!!! 

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I'm My Favorite said...

Great job Mom!! Yeah, it's rare that I'll order a salad at a restaurant. Even when you know you've picked a low cal dressing, the cheese and croutons add up quick too.