Sunday, September 16, 2012


We got up what seemed like the crack of dawn yesterday.  I got up early to go to the bathroom and woke Gary and since we were both awake decided to pack up and head the rest of the way to Maryland.  We needed to be at the ball diamond at 1:00 for Evan's game but thought we could kill some time on the way.  We stopped at a winery where their tasting room was in a barn that dated back to the mid-1800's.  Very cool ... cooler than their wines.

It was a beautiful fall day, good weather for a ballgame although I found out when we left that the sun was still pretty hot.  Most of us had a little sunburn on some part of our body.  Mine was on my arms ... guess I'll end up with a farmer's tan.

Erick is coaching Evan's team and they were undefeated but he said that yesterday's game would be a test.  A test they passed with flying colors.  This was the first time we had seen Evan play this season and first time ever for Erick coaching.  Erick warmed up the pitcher while the catcher was getting his gear on and we hadn't seen him in that position for over twenty years when he played high school ball.  Oh, it's good to relive those memories.

Yesterday was a tough day food wise.  Two meals at McDonald's (breakfast and lunch).  Routine of our past has been to grab McDonald's drive-thru as we head out on the road.  I need to look for a better choice from their breakfast menu ... when I finish this, I'm out to see what you can get for the least amount of calories to still be able to continue our tradition.  Either that or prepare something ahead of time.  We had about an hour before the game and we were in such a remote location that the only place around was McD's so that's where we had lunch.  The type of restaurant I have my biggest challenge are Mexican restaurants and guess where we had dinner last night.  The last two times friends have gone to a Mexican restaurant, I politely passed not to be tempted and even shared that fact with Gary.  When we were on our way to dinner in Erick's car and found out where we were going, Gary said ... "sorry hun".  I said that's okay, just remind me tactfully if I tend to reach for the chips.  I ended up ordering the mixed fajitas and for the day I was over my calorie count by 100 ... not too bad.   I know for some that fast food is completely off limits but I'm not out to change my way of eating just my choices and if I'm still losing and that makes me happy and successful, I'm okay with that. 

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