Wednesday, September 5, 2012


All of our walking over the long weekend must have offset the extra calories because at weigh-in last night I remained at the same weight from the week before.  After looking at my food diary, I'm okay with that and will be especially vigilant this week to see the numbers go down some next week.  I had a very good August and would hope to keep the trend going.

One month into this program and I need not fall into the mindset that I can now relax a little and just let my good habits keep me rolling along.  It's becoming more difficult to blog because I am in better control and not quite struggling with right choices like I was in the beginning meaning that I don't have that much to let out or complain about or analyze, but once I get away from blogging, then I get away from keeping my food diary and then I let things slide here and there and before you know it, I'm back to digging myself out of a hole.

Yesterday I was tired and not in such a terrific mood because it was just a dull, uneventful, non exciting day.  Nothing majorly went wrong but there were no high points either.  I was also facing the unknown of my weigh-in.  It's those kind of days when I can get in trouble pushing the envelope to lift my spirits and if it had been any day other than a weigh in day, it may have been more of a struggle.  But, I was more in check not wanting to do anything that would make things worse at the scale.  It's hard to make adjustments for your emotions when you can't quite put your finger on the source.  Should you just ignore it .... but what if it keeps gnawing at you?  How can you put it to rest without some sort of action?  Ooops, just thinking out loud here and that's the beauty of a blog.

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