Monday, February 20, 2012

What Have I Done?

Who'd think that a salad would make you freak out ... but that's where I'm at. I got up this morning and again wasn't happy with the scale. I' pretty sure I won't have a gain tonight at TOPS but not too sure about a loss either. I've been trying to drink loads of water to prime the pump so to speak to spurt out any excess water.

I had brought my "Smart Ones" to have at lunch but my boss offered to buy lunch if I go pick it up. Can't turn down an offer like that. He even gave me my choice of where to get it. I knew that Cafe 251 had good salads and I knew he liked their wraps, so that's what I choose. But, I'm so afraid. I know that lettuce tends to hold water. Now, I'm doubting my choice. So, if I doubted it why didn't I just have soup or something else? At least with having to walk about one mile round trip I got some exercise. For just once I'd like to get up on Monday morning and see the scales definitely down two pounds or MORE. I felt that I did work at it last week.

I know that I have a tendency to weigh more when I first get up in the morning, so I'm counting on that. I'll face what I see tonight with a positive attitude. Stay tuned for the results tomorrow.

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