Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Important Steps

It seems like I've been doing this forever and I guess I have ... but with this latest do over when it comes to losing weight, it really does seem like I've been into it for weeks; whereas Monday was my first weigh-in since I've been back blogging. Probably since the first of the year, I have only been in the preparation mode. Psyching myself up, trying to convince myself now was the time, wishing and hoping with no action. While they say it's easier to get somewhere with a road map, maybe I've felt like I've been on this road before and knew where I was going and just needed to go. Evidently, it dawned on me that I needed some kind of help because since the first of the year all I had been doing was yoyoing the same few pounds which meant no progress in the direction toward and destination at which I wanted to arrive.

A couple of weeks ago after following my daughter's blog, I decided to go back and reread mine, starting at the beginning during the period I was doing so well. At times there was a lot drama with the scales but there was also success and I saw determination in what I read. Did blogging actually help me to continue to strive for what I wanted. I truly believe that it did. I feel that getting away from it contributed to my slide and regaining of most of what I worked so hard to lose. It kept me aware, it forced me to try harder, it opened my eyes to emotions and how to act on them instead of reacting out of control.

If I wasn't blogging I truly believe that just because yesterday was Valentine's day that I would have used that as an excuse not to go to the gym ... heck, if I wasn't blogging I probably wouldn't have gotten back to the gym period. I know I wouldn't have passed on the bread which I so felt was a part of eating a meal out. I truly believe blogging is my number one tool to be successful. Not the only one but the main one right now.

A little sidebar story. I had told Gary that even though we were going out to dinner, I still wanted to go to the gym. Another tool ... tell people your plans, it makes you accountable. We couldn't get into the restaurant where we wanted to go until an 8:30 reservation, so this proved no problem to do both the gym and dinner with some time management. My workout routine since last week, starting out slow but plan to increase, has been to do about 15 minutes on the bicycle and 15 minutes on the treadmill which computes to about 3 miles on the bike and 1 mile on the TM. I was finishing up my walking/running and saw I wasn't going to hit a mile in my 15 minutes but thought ... No, I want to do a mile so I kept pushing myself. When it hit 100, I realized that I was watching calories burned and not distance. Oh well, my first thought was that would allow me to spurge with a slice of bread at dinner. In times past maybe but last night I passed on the bread.

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