Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mood Swing

It's Sunday night, we're home from our weekend in Illinois and I'm in a mood. I can't pinpoint exactly where it came from but I know that I want it to go away and I know that it can be dangerous in my plan. I don't know if it's because the weekend is drawing to a close or if I feel that I didn't do all that I wanted to do. I had temptations throughout the weekend. Some of which I was the victor. Passing on the bread at dinner, getting a salad for lunch with my sandwich at lunch instead of fries, refraining from ordering something for myself when everyone was ordering dessert at Culver's. Why didn't I revel in those accomplishments. Was it because before dinner I had a couple of beers and got into the pretzels and popcorn or that I had several bites of Gary's Turtle Sundae. I did workout like I had planned ... that was a good thing, right? But something is really bugging me and I don't know what it is. Am I fearful of a bad weigh-in tomorrow, afraid of failing. Maybe a good night sleep will help. I'll face the scale in the morning and maybe there will be another mood swing. I'll get more into it tomorrow. I'll be stronger, I'll be more determined. I'm just tired now.

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