Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day.
This was my gift from God this morning. Just enough snow to be picturesque. As I get older, I really dislike the cold and winter in general, but I do love the snow. On my drive to work I thought about years ago when Gary and I walked in the moonlight of a snowy night and how romantic it was. I often wish we would have another snow like that to recapture that moment.
This was the card Gary gave me this morning along with some miniture roses. My eyes immediately went to the words "Incredible" and I wondered how am I incredible? I opened the card expecting to see to a list of things that would give me that description but it just repeated his love for me and that was enough. I felt incredibly lucky to have him for my husband.
I took my card to work with me and as I was putting it on my work table, I noticed this sign. I realized that I'm not there yet. I'm doing good to do just enough instead of going the extra mile ... or am I? Going to the gym is something
more than I was doing ... passing on delicious bread is better. I am taking steps to better myself. Maybe that's why I lost two pounds last night.

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