Friday, February 17, 2012


As you know, I'm not a morning person. Maybe I live in the wrong time zone. Would it be easy to get up three hours later in California? I drug myself out of bed again this morning and things didn't go well. I wanted to wear slacks today but I'm way behind in my ironing and the couple of pairs I was thinking about needed to be pressed and since I stay in bed until the last possible minute there was no time for that. I went to my closet to see what was in there and found a pair of black slacks. I went to put them on and couldn't get them over my hips. Oh, they were THAT pair. Then I pulled out a plaid pair and got them up but really had to suck it in to get them buttoned and zipped. I hate this. I feel like I'm making no progress at all. I remembered back to the time when I could pretty much pick anything out of my closet and it would fit. That was such a terrific feeling. It would come again, if I just kept my head in the game. I headed downstairs and got on the scales something I hadn't done since Monday when I had my weigh-in. I didn't like what I saw but kept reminding myself that I had to stick it out and I would have positive results on Monday.

Last night when we got to the gym I told myself that there was no rush to go anywhere else and that even though I hadn't planned on increasing my time until next week to seize the moment. I did an extra mile on the bike and an extra 1/4 miles on the treadmill. I liked the way I felt when we headed downstairs to the car. The back of my neck was wet and my spirits were lifted. I need more of that. On the way out, I stopped to talk to the brother of a friend of mine. He was saying that he was really dedicated last summer going to the gym on a regular basis and was able to drop 15 pounds right away. Then in September the weight stopped coming off and he said well, this isn't working and threw in the towel. Well, throwing in the towel didn't work either and he's back at it just like me. I'm determined to "make it work".

Boy, I'm sure glad I only have to work four hours today and then IT'S THE WEEKEND!

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