Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dreary Exercise

When I started blogging again this week, my intention was to blog every day. I needed that reminder on what I've set out to do. But just like with everything else in life, there's bumps in the road. Thursday was a routine day, I was doing okay but there was no major announcement, breaking news, or anything that came close to exciting to write about. In fact it was a pretty boring day come to think of it. I wanted a break from the "Smart Ones" dinners I was bringing for lunch at my desk and decided to go out. My choice wasn't the best but what I thought was workable if I stayed in line the rest of the week. Since I knew that I hadn't put anything on the blog, I thought maybe I could get by with putting an article on about bloating. I would still fulfill my goal of blogging everyday. Many things were running through my mind on topics that I could still write about when I got home from the gym after work but by then there was dinner to eat and TV shows to watch and I kind of felt blah ... which was something else I could definitely write about but ...
Yesterday I was off from work but there were plans to fulfill besides blogging. The first one ... to sleep in. I had really had a problem all week getting out of bed, staying there until the last minute, dragging myself into work right at 8:00 with no time to spare, my appearance wasn't something to make me feel good about myself. I mean, I was presentable but just felt dowdy on what I choose to wear and the lack of accessories. which is another topic.
Anyway, Gary and I were going to Illinois this weekend where he and his friend, Eric, were teaching a knot course. We're were going to make a stop at the casino on the way there and have lunch and then get on the interstate and head over. Hmmm, lunch meant the buffet. Buffet usually means all you can eat, and you all know what all you can eat can mean. But I set a plan in my head ahead of time. We wouldn't be shelling out a ton of money because we probably had comp money on our cards, so I wouldn't have to use that warpped reason of getting my money's worth. No, I was just going to have a salad. I've gone to restaurants and ordered a $5 - $10 salad and I told myself this is no different ... just because there are other things there to choose from. I deviated a little by having some minestrone soup, as well but when I left I didn't feel anything but satisfied both in my mind and my stomach.
Moving along ... we got to the hotel and it is one of the chains that have a "Happy Hour" in the evening in addition to the hot breakfast. Everyone, well the other three decided that we would just use their food bar for dinner which meant potato chips, tortilla chips, pretzels, hot dogs, melted cheese,refried beans, etc., etc., I could have been much better in a restaurant, but I had setout to prove something to myself this weekend. I ended up with a baked potato and a hot dog with no bun. I put some coney sauce over both and it was filling. I wanted to go back ... and I did to get a little salad and some carrots and celery with ranch dressing. I'm sure I could have cut out some of what I ate but I bore no negative feelings toward myself.
This morning I relished staying in bed and not "having" to get up. My plan was to hit the workout work. One of my bullet points this week was put exercise back in my routine. Three days which meant Tues, Thur. and Saturday. I don't know if I forgot about our trip when I first set out my plan but it didn't matter, Drury Inn has a workout room. That's where I thought about the title of this blog entry ... although it wasn't drury at all. I had the room to myself and completed my 30 minutes. There much to be said about exercising in the morning though, you do it and get it out of the way and don't have a dozen execuses running through you head all day until you do it. I felt I got a good workout because I was glowing (remember women don't sweat) which kind of proved it.
Well, there's my blog entry for today and catching up on the last couple of days. It seems like once you sit down at the keyboard you can just go on and on.
I will be doing some power shopping this afternoon and faced with lunch and dinner choices but I'm feeling pretty positive.

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