Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Another Day

No news is good news, so they say. Not much happening. Feeling pretty good about where I am in my program. I was thinking back ... remembering that in my younger years that I'd rush home from work and there would be some other activity to race to from there. That's when the kids were home. Now they have families of their own and are probably repeating those long lost days of mine. Now there usually isn't any activity except on Tuesday and Thursday where I have made it a priority to go to the gym. Monday's I have my TOPS meeting, so I guess I am on the run then but Wednesday's ... good ol' hump day finds me vegging out on the couch. Yesterday I was thinking about how I should increase my activity in the evening and thought about maybe ironing. Standing is better than sitting, right? Well, it didn't happen. I really didn't feel all that great, waking up with a headache and a sore throat. I felt better when I got home but still fell in that routine of vegging out. Tonight it's to the gym and tomorrow is the weekend where I'm always more active, so I guess Wednesday is the day I need to work on. But, all in all, I'm doing pretty good.

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