Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lenten Season

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Since my daughter's post at I'm My Favorite last week about Lent, I have been thinking about what sacrifice I should endure. I kind of steered away from "giving up" something. I was thinking it should be something I WOULD do, something positive, like random acts of kindness. But, Lent is about sacrifice, so I decided it would be to get up when the alarm went off and not hit the snooze button time after time after time . . . that WOULD be a sacrifice for me. Subconsciously I must have been thinking about the alarm because I woke up just before 5:00 and thought that I forgot to set the alarm because surely it was time to get up. I checked the setting and it was still set. I guess I had my own built-in snooze. I went back to sleep and awoke again about 6:00. My alarm goes off at 6:15, so I just laid there for fifteen minutes. I popped up and did 25 sit ups and 10 leg lifts. I thought with the extra time, I should do something productive. I was showered, dressed and headed downstairs before the time I normally get up. Gary asked what I was going to do with my extra time and I told him, well I guess I won't be snapping at you this morning like I did the day before. I felt great and ready to face the world instead of being in panic mode trying to get out the door.

Being Catholic, Ash Wednesday is also a meatless day which made my choices lighter at lunch. I had a small salad and tomato soup from Paradise Cafe. The brisk walk with a nip in the air on my lunchhour burned a few calories.

I had been in a pretty good mood all day. No problems, everything running pretty smooth .... UNTIL ... I was changing cartridges in my computer and ended up with blue ink all over both hands. I tried to clean it off with both acetone and bleach with no luck. I guess I'll have to go home and wash dishes for a couple of hours and then who knows. Oh well, my granddaughter, Katherine's, birthday party is Saturday. She's having a Smurf's party. I guess I can tell her I was trying to become a smurf, if I still have blue hands when we get there..

The evening was so, so. I decided to work out on my lunch hour tomorrow instead of going to the gym tonight. I still needed to get packed and I wanted to send out questions to classmates for our blog.

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