Saturday, February 25, 2012

We're Here

Changes can come about by observation. I realized something that had been a habit with me. At lunch yesterday I did something I haven't done in a long time, if ever, and that was to eat a sandwich by itself when eating out. It always had to be accompanied by fries, chips, soup or something. It doesn't sound like such a big deal but it can be when you watching and limiting your intake. Everyone's heard of time management but there's also food management. While I was eating my tuna salad sandwich, it felt like some was missing, even though my sandwich was satisfying just because I wasn't used to it because basically it had become a habit.

We had about four more hours to drive and I made use of it by reading blogs on my Kindle and going through some magazines pulling out recipes, nutrition and weight related articles. I had subscribed to some magazines when the grandkids were selling them for a school fundraiser and I never had the time to read them. This was a good time to catch up.

We made it to Maryland just before dinner. It was good to see everyone as it had been since the first week in January that we were together. We had an early dinner at Woodside Deli and enjoy their terrific potato soup. We came back to the house and while Aunt Kelly worked on Katherine's birthday cake, the rest of us played a couple of games. It was so much fun and we laughed and had a good time especially in Sour Apples to Apples when the key word was sweaty and the winning card was "where the sun don't shine". Between games Kelly put some cupcakes on the table to snack on. They looked great but I'm saving my resolution of having one dessert a week until tomorrow during Katherine's Smurf's Birthday party.

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