Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am extremely worn out this morning. I couldn't believe it when the alarm went off. I hit the snooze at least three times. I don't care if I'm late for work or not .... YES I DO. I need to get up to wrap the baby gift for Heather and take it in to Joyce ... oh, five more minutes.

On the drive into work, I'm starting to wake up and I don't feel like there's a big heavy cloak over me. While approaching a stoplight, the light bulb goes off in my head that I forgot to bring the baby gift with me. Geez, what else did I forget. Lunch ... no I have a frozen dinner still in the breakroom's freezer. I"m not turning back or I WILL be late.

10:30 and starting to think about lunch. I really don't want that frozen dinner ... what sounds good? If I'm going to go out, it should be something like Subway .... but chili or anything else sounds so much better. I can always start eating better tomorrow. How long will it take me to get to goal, if I keep putting it off?

It's lunch time and I need some positive reinforcement. I'll eat my frozen dinner and try to find some interesting blogs. Maybe someone that's a mirror of myself that I can follow. Wondering if I should try to get followers that would read this and encourage me. No, the way things are now ... I'm fine. Stephanie and Kim will comment if I'm losing it ... my mind not weight ... or maybe weight to!

I think I'm done with these frozen dinners. They taste like crap (or carp as Jim would say), especially the chicken ... I think it's made with leftover parts. But, they're so convenient. Well, I just won't get anything with chicken in it. I didn't finish the meal, so that just means I can have a glass of wine with dinner. Mmmm, wonder what Gary's making for dinner?

Tonight is gym night ... but this week's schedule is messed up because we're living for Maryland right after work on Thursday which is suppose to be another gym night. Maybe the hotel we're staying will have a gym. But we probably won't stop until around 10:00? I could go on Tuesday and Wednesday. But I'm not used to two days in a row. So what?

Heard from Gary in the afternoon. He's sick. Said he'd try to go to the gym with me. I had told him last Saturday how tough it was to go by myself. He doesn't feel like cooking, so it's either I cook or we eat out ... we're going to Eggroll, so there goes my glass of wine.

Well, I made it to the gym. Gary said he'd go and just do a little bit on the treadmill ... real slow. I tried to get into my routine. I brought my Kindle to read while I was on the bike to make the time go faster ... too bad I didn't realize I only had two pages left in my book. I wanted to quit but I did 4 1/2 miles. Then to the treadmill ... why is this so hard, why do I want to give up so easy. I kept fidgeting with my Shuffle trying to find music that was more upbeat. That didn't seem to help. I'll just do 1 mile ... but I wanted to improve my last session. Yeah, look at Gary over there sitting down while my legs are aching. Okay, okay I only have to go a couple more minutes to make it. What the heck, go up to 20 minutes and be done with it. When I got off, I did feel like I accomplished something but then thought ... I do all this for 1/2 pound. No, I do this so I can have a couple of beers or a Big Mac and still lose. I'm not dieting, I'm changing. I making choices and that means I can have those extras, just so I don't have extras with those extra like fries or an extra dinner.

Today was a good day after all.

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Stephanie said...

I'm with you on the frozen dinners...I like having a lunch at work that I actually look forward too.If I start getting hungry for lunch early, I get a glass of water and if I am still hungry I'll grab a handful of veggies I keep in the work fridge.