Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lots of Basketball

After a late night the evening before, we got up early yesterday to head to the Y. Nope not for exercise but to watch the grandkids play basketball. Jacob was playing at 9:00 and Gracie at noon, so during the break we ran a couple of errands and then met Stephanie, Jim and the kids at Chick Filet for a really early lunch. My usual there is chicken strips and waffle fries but yesterday, it was soup and salad. I really am finally making choices ... maybe not the best possible choices but hopefully better ones.

I had told Gary earlier that I definiately wanted to hit the gym and at first I thought maybe we could go between games but found out that there really wouldn't have enough time. I also told him this on the way to the Y and he didn't have his workout clothes on like I did. After Jacob's game we headed home and I was under the impression that we would go to the rec center when we got home and he changed clothes. MONKEY WRENCH. Gary said he was starting to feel puny and wanted to lie down for a little while. I took that time to update my blog, check Facebook, and catch up on a couple of games of Words with Friends. Lately when I'm wanting to snack I turned to the games as a distraction. The clock was telling me it was lunch-time even though we had already eaten but I know that I'm not hungry and it's just one of those eating cues so I needed the distraction. Gary came downstairs about an hour later and it was obvious he wasn't going with me. Should I blow it off ... no, I knew I couldn't do that but I wished he would have said something earlier ... I would have went ahead and gone when we got home from the Y and my exercise would be over. The dialogue went back and forth in my brain but I headed out. It was really hard to go by myself and it was hard to do the whole routine that I had planned to do this week. A little bit of exercise would be worthwhile and who would know I didn't do the entire program. But I knew finishing what I started out to do would work wonders in helping me feel stronger about my progress and if I had turned a corner. I finished the 5+ miles.

In the evening we stopped and had dinner on the way to the high school basketball game we were going to. We ate at Ponderosa and I had made the decision before we walked in the door that I was only going to have a salad off their food bar and a steak and baked potato and I stuck to it. We went to the game because it was Super Booster Night which Gary and I were inducted two years ago. After the game, there was a reception for the new inductees. I knew there'd be alcohol and snacks and again I pre-planned all I was going to have was a diet coke ... no snacks. Well, the snacks turned out to be enough to have had dinner there. The best of the spread was pulled pork sandwiches which looked so good and I saw it close up because Gary had fixed him a plate. But, last night it wasn't so hard just sitting and nursing my diet coke while others around me were eating. Rather, I just enjoyed seeing alumni that I hadn't seen in awhile and felt good about my choices and progress for the day.

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