Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Movin' On

Last night I lost 1/2#. In the past, fractions of a pound weren't worth any hoopla or excitement, it was always "why didn't I lose more". In fact sometimes when multiple pounds were lost, it was the same quote. I didn't gain. I'm moving forward. It all adds up. That's what I'm dishing out this morning. I'm not on any particular diet, I'm just making changes. Maybe some work and some don't. I know that some weeks I'm going to see more progress than other weeks. I'm still determined and I'll continue down the road that I started on a couple of weeks ago. I love to travel and I don't mind long stretches.

I made another commitment at my TOPS meeting last night. We have election of officers in a couple of weeks. The term runs from April through the end of March. I announced that I would like to be the new leader. I haven't held that office in quite some time. I'm thinking that it will give me more accountability and I will learn along the way in the programs that I prepare.

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