Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kissing it Goodbye?

Day Two of my Lenten resolution was soooo much harder. The alarm startled me when it went off and I didn't want to get up. I did turn it off and turned on my bedside lamp and laid there for awhile. On Wednesday I did my leg lifts and sit ups in a different bedroom but I felt if I didn't do them in my own bed, I wouldn't do them. They got abbreviated the way it was but I was soon in the shower waking up.

I made sure that I had my workout clothes with me as I had planned on using the company gym on my lunch hour. There had been some indecision on whether I was going to have my normal work week of getting off at noon on Friday or whether we'd be leaving for Maryland after work yesterday. It was a 90% go that my boss was flying out this morning instead of Saturday and it was decided I could take Friday off and we'd be leaving straight from work last night. I got on the internet looking for a hotel and found one in Zanesville. It had a workout room, so I decided to ditch my idea of exercise at noon. I told myself I'd hit the hotel workout room when we got there. Wanna take any bets. I hope it wouldn't be too late when we got there and I'd be grabbing at some idiotic excuse. When I knew I had a free lunch hour, I decided ... it's Thursday, my normal day to eat out, so why not? So, I bailed on the lower calorie grilled cheese sandwich I had planned on fixing for lunch. I ended up walking to the chili parlor and I tried to savor each bite. I had no idea where we were going to stop for dinner, but I knew I had better watch it.

I found a coupon for Ruby Tuesday's in my inbox for 25% off, so I asked Gary if he could wait until we got to Dayton for dinner. I ended up with BBQ Chicken and a baked potatoe along with their salad bar. Oh, there were so many regular things that I wanted to add to my salad, like egg, ham, cheese but I knew those would add calories. Calories that I had already used at lunch, so I remained viligant. When we got to the hotel it was 9:45 and Gary asked ... are you still wanting to work out. Well, did you bet on me? There could be excuses of it's too late, I'm tired, I'm tensed up from all the driving in the rain but we found out the workout room was open until midnight so that's where we ended up after changing clothes. Yes, WE ... Gary went with me although after 30 minutes he went back to the room before I finished my routine.

Good day and ... I'm so anxious to see everyone.

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