Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wiped Out

We're home from our vacation and camping trip and I'm trying to get in game mode for work tomorrow and it ain't happening. I'm ready to slow down and be at home but not the day to day 8-5 routine. Camping was fun with the kids. The State Recreation Area where we camped had a Frisbe Golf Course setup and the grandkids and even the big kids had fun. The weather was very fall like ... to the point of having a real chill in the air and I still smell like smoke sitting here typing this as I spent a lot of time around the campfire keeping warm. I'm hoping that I burned a few extra calories just by my body trying to keep warm. I ate okay while there. We had hobo dinners for our evening meal on Saturday (and yes, I did put a few slices of potato in mine) but later around the campfire I did pass on the s'mores. Yeah, Nan, I didn't have these ooey, gooey treats. I'm not a big fan of marshmallows but in times past, I would have eaten them just to be one of the crowd. I also brought cereal for breakfast this morning even though I would have have loved to had some pancakes and sausage. So camp eating was okay but when we stopped on the way home for lunch today ... I caved and got fries with my grilled chicken sandwich. I could always do worse, but I'm not quite there 100% on doing better. Do I need to be? I'm never going to be one of the healthful eaters with tofu and spouts. That's why I chose counting points for my program of choice to lose weight. I can get right back on my program just as quick as I get off. I don't think I could do that with any other plan. Just like last week when exchanging execising for that spoonful of mac n cheese or glass of wine.

What I'm looking forward to right now has nothing to do with food, although I'm hungry and I don't feel that sensation very often. As soon as the Colts game is over, I'm headed for a hot shower and the fresh smell of vanilla. No not ice cream but body wash and shampoo. I think it's going to be a light dinner and early to bed, so maybe I'll stay out of trouble and those fries won't come into play and I'll have a better shot tomorrow when facing the scale at my TOPS meeting.


Jess(ica) said...

I hope your evening is nice and relaxing for you... I'm glad to see that you did well food-wise while camping! If eating some fries with your lunch is the worst you've done, then you are a winner in my book! Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow, I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you!

TinaM said...

I think you did pretty good!
I love that you're looking forward to that vanilla that isn't ice cream :)
Good luck at your meeting tomorrow!

NAN said...

Sounds like a good weekend and I bet you see a weight loss. Funny about those s'mores- I actually was salivating over them. I did write down my food intake yesterday but, how tedious and I don't count calories or points. I had to throw another food out, shame on me. I can have cookies in the freezer but let me have a little ice cream or bar (even if it is carb low) and it calls my name. UGH! I'm anxious to hear about your weight loss YAY!

Bernice said...

I'm glad you had a good time with your family! Thats the most important thing! We all know we didn't get her overnight so if it takes and extra week or so who cares? We are not on a time schedule! You did great! Probably better then most people would have pat yourself on the back! I think you will do well on the scale!