Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shut My Moutht

I shoud have stayed off the scale this a.m. I know the long drive home yesterday .... sitting in the car for 8 or 9 hours and not making any potty stops could have caused scale fluctution. Someone need to come up with some cute one or two word phrase for that .. the fluctauation thing. I wasn't happy but I was afraid I overdid it on Thursday. I thought I was giving it my all by putting time in the gym everyday and eliminating alcohol while in the casino (I did have a glass of wine on two occaions in the room) and never felt upset about giving up dessert the entire trip because it was my choice.

I'm very frustrated and irritable this morning. I seem to be picking fights with Gary this morning. We're going on an overnight camping trip with Stephanie and her family and we stopped at the store to pick up a few things we needed. We started arguing how many potatoes to get ... how stupid is that. Maybe it had something to do with (in my mind) being told I don't need any potatoes..

I don't like feeling this this way ... so what am I going to do about it ... keep my mouth shut to start ... in more ways than one. Enjoy my family and keep as active as I can out in the woods. I still have a couple of days before weigh-in and who knows what will happen Monday night. Whatever happens will not keep me going forward even if have some mileage to make up. There are comfort and filling stations along my route that will keep me moving. Detours can be upsetting especially when you were moving along quite nicely but you eventually are on the right path again if you keep on the detour route and not get to far off the main road. The length of the detour is up to me.


NAN said...

I hope you're having a great camping trip. I was a girl scout leader for both my girls so camped a lot- tents and lodges. Gotta love those s'mores! You will lose weight- it just might require a lot of patience which I seem to lack. If I can get down to 175, I'll be a really happy camper LOL. Today I could/should have been more active and you were probably hiking.

gotta love thsoe s'mores!

Just Me said...

You summed it up perfectly at the end...the length of the detour is up to me...drats!!!

Have a great weekend and, yes, enjoy your family. Nobody ever laid on their death bed and said, "I wish I would have lost a few more pounds that week." I'm giving up my scale until December 31st...yikes.

Awww, my word verification is kisses.

TinaM said...

I have a two word phrase for that fluctuation business... but it's not cute :)
LOL :)