Friday, September 17, 2010

What's the phrase

We had a birthday celebration yesterday at work and I was asked to bring in the ice cream. I knew I was going to be busy on Wednesday night so I thought since we wouldn't be getting together until 1:30 that I'd walk to the store on my lunch hour which is about a one-mile hike roundtrip.

One of the automatic signals close to the store is set-up for blind pedestrians. As I was standing there waiting to cross the street I heard ... WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. It was even in a deep stern voice and it was coming from above (my head) and I thought boy do I need one of those sometimes. That's right ... sometimes if I would just wait for a few minutes or even in the time it takes to say "do I really want to jeopardize my hard-working efforts", I might just be avoiding a big problem that involves more mind games than I already seem to be playing. I continued into the store and stood in front of the freezer with so many choices. Wow, decisions, decisions, decisions. I reminded myself this isn't for me. I'm going to participate in the celebration, but I don't intend to party hearty. I will just say "none for me". I've done that in the past and I can do it now. So, do I buy something I don't care for, just in case ... is there anything in there I don't like. I kept it simple with vanilla and chocolate chip and put it in the freezer until PARTY TIME when I got back to the office.

Jeri had gotten one of those huge chocolate mousse cakes from Costco. Boy did it look good. She mentioned it weighed 9 1/2# and I immediately visualized 4# extra on each hip and 1 1/2# on my belly. I reminded myself the phrase is "none for me". Why did I choose to sit in a position that would be served last ... why couldn't I use my practiced phrase at the start of the "would you like ..." serving line instead at near the end. It's okay ... my week has turned around and I'm gonna keep it going in that direction ... "NONE FOR ME".


NAN said...

YAY! Ice cream is a red light food for me. Cookies/cake/pie not so. PB, red light....I have a routine doctor's visit at 11; my doctor doesn't weigh you- crazy I know but I like her philosophy. I didn't have to have any bloodwork so I'll be in and out in 5 minutes.

mensa said...

I guess everyone has their own nemesis. Don't really know what mine is ... is PB peanut butter?