Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed the Target

My weigh-in was last night and as I mentioned yesterday I knew I would have a good loss. I don't know why I couldn't just leave it at that. I immediately had to start doing the math of what my loss needed to be taking into account my last weigh in, when I had a gain of 3 1/2#'s.

I couldn't weigh in on my "OFFICIAL" scale last week because we were out of state so there was a two-week gap. With my gain and the average of 1# per week loss I've been using as my goal, I figured I needed to lose at least 5 1/2# to hit the bulls eye. My loss last night was 5# ... whoo-hoo! I am pleased with it. I didn't hit the bulls eye but being a hair away can still win the prize.

This morning, I pulled out my trusty yet dusty notebook that I have all my stats in and find that I started this blog on June 21 which was 12 weeks ago and I have lost 13 pounds, so that means I'm still on pace of the 1# per week loss. Not a huge amount but at a clip I thought I could keep up and not get easily frustrated. I know I have to look at the positives. I could easily go back and do some fuzzy math and come out with a different average if I used the beginning of the year but I wasn't giving my entire effort during some of those months. However, if I use the beginning of the year, I'll have a larger total loss of 17 pounds, which sounds better than 13 ... why do I do this? Why do I have such an obsession with numbers? Why don't I bring out the measuring tape too ... there's numbers on it. It is an obsession, isn't it ... I've got to get away from that ... how do I do that and stay vigilant.

Yesterday was a tough day and I'm even having a bit of a telltale grey Tuesday. Something is just not in sync. I feel really on the outside looking in and disconnected. When I have those kind of days I go searching and blog reading is sometimes helpful but sometimes not so much. So many are doing so great and pulling huge numbers and I am inspired by their motivation and perseverance but yet have a tendency to feel left behind and wonder if I'm doing enough. Others are struggling and are being criticized for using the wrong plan, not being steadfast in their efforts or being a dreamer. I guess you've just got to take it all in and decide what's best for you. Act on what inspires you and throw the other stuff aside. As Tammy said and as I have heard so many others say, sometimes it's better just to take one day at a time. While not always getting there, practice brings you closer to perfect and I'll continue practicing each and every day to choose what I eat wisely and continue being as active as I can, even if I can't always get to a gym..


NAN said...

YAY for you. I lose slowly too but a pound a week is GOOD!!! My all time low for the last 15 years was when my youngest graduated from high school- she is now in her second year of graduate school so that's 5 plus years. I was doing Nutisystem and yes, it works but that food becomes so monotonous and alas, I quit and slowly yoyoed back the 20 I had lost...I am really trying to beat that number and soon I hope.

Karyn said...

Hey friend...

I think you're doing a great job!

I always try to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm doing well right now because I'm at the beginning and I have a bunch to lose. I know it will slow down and I will have to try and be content with whatever it is.

And I really think at that time, as long as I'm keeping my head in the game, I may switch to bi-weekly or monthly weigh-ins. I'm like you...I don't want this to be all about the numbers. I want it to be about looking and feeling healthy!

I've been hoping that your gray day has turned a pretty shade of blue! Hang in there!!

TinaM said...

Good job!!!
One day at a time is really a good way to look at it.

I have to admit I'm obsessed with the numbers too. I've kind of moved my obsession though. Now I'm obsessed with getting on the treadmill every night, even if for only a little bit. Keeping track of how many days in a row I've been on it. Keeping track of how fast/far I've gone. Keeping track of how far I have to walk to make sure each weeks number a little bigger. Keeping track of what I loose each week of course... So if you're obsessed with numbers, don't fight it- just try to count something else lol.

You're doing great, you didn't gain it over night and it won't be gone over night. Once I realized that I have been SO MUCH happier with my progress instead of stressing what I have left to do. I have a lot to loose, and it is going to take as long as it takes!

Bernice said...

Good for you! It's so funny how I think any one who has to lose a lot of weight does focus on the numbers but we can't let that define us? HaHa! Easier said then done? Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You are right...just a hair away. And you are doing well. Like Karyn says (and I've heard it before) but marathon, not sprint, is the way to describe it. We want our lives to be a marathon after all, not a sprint.

I know how you feel about those disconnected days. Dieting is serious stuff, but what we need is encouragement and not cracks (quite frankly I can provide enough smack talk for myself). One day at a time...I hear that works, plus I've heard that's all we really have. :-)