Saturday, September 4, 2010

Enjoying Our Time

Not much happened yesterday to report. Just enjoying being with family. It didn't take long for Katherine to warm up to us and before we knew it she was feeding us from her kitchen. It was great because her food didn't have any calories.

All my talk about checking points ahead of time was both good and bad. We went to a local place that serves rice bowls for lunch and they didn't have a website or were on any website to help me with the points. Kim helped out with her smart phone by looking up comparable food items and I think I did okay with the sesame garlic chicken with brown rice. I only ate 1/2 the serving. The good thing is here in Maryland their law is already in effect that places with over and now I can't remember if it's over 3 or 5 locations have to have calorie counts available on the menu. I can't wait until that is a federal mandate. Anyway we went to Red Robin so dinner and WHOA ... calorie laden menu. I finally decided on the grilled chicken bunless but I did order the fries and enjoyed.

I didn't get any exercise yesterday. I thought about taking a walk after dinner but got involved in "Hi Ho Cherry-O" I won the first game. Wonder how many calories that burned. We're suppose to go to a flea market tomorrow and the location is about 1.5 miles with sidewalks along the way, so we're talking about walking there, so walking there and back along with the walking we'll do there should be "just the ticket". Got to continue to make wise choices.

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