Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goodbye Maryland

We're headed home after a great and wonderful holiday weekend with the family. In terms of doing anything special like sightseeing or things like that wasn't in our plans but we were kept busy doing things together and keeping pretty active and that was my hope.

We ate out the entire time we were there and I proved to myself that could be done with no adverse affects. Yesterday our meal destinations were set for the day and I knew what I would be ordering. However when I got to California Tortilla for lunch what I wanted wasn't on this location's menu ... so all I could do was punt but still did okay and didn't let the sitation influence me to get something way too high in calories. After lunch we dropped off Erick and Katherine, so they could take a nap and went to the mall to get new tennis shoes for Evan. While Kim, Evan and Brandon were in the shoe store ... Gary and I went in a nearby music and video store. The song that was playing over the intercom was one of my Zumba songs and I was looking for a Zumba video ... was this an omen? Guess not ... they had a couple of Latin dance ones but I had one of those and specifically wanted Zumba. I ended up getting a Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies. I used these before and enjoyed them but the ones I have are on VHS and I wanted something to do in the privacy of our bedroom. I'll try it out tomorrow.

When we got home from the mall, all the kids played outside before dinneer and I, again, was one of the kids. This time I actually jumped rope which I hear is good exercise, but I could only jump about 9 consecutives times. Gary's right I don't know how to jump ... well not very high anyway. When it was time to go to dinner, Kim and I walked to the restaurant which was a little bit more exercise with the walk being about 1 1/2 miles. I'll have to check out where I can walk to instead of driving at home. I started this on the way home on the kindle but when I saved it, I could find it again so it's 9:00 p.m., we're home and I'm ready to crash

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