Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Things

One of my duties where I work is to maintain a “Happy Place”. Tough job, huh? This is what we call our corporate bulletin board. It’s in a spot outside our lunchroom that when you need to get away from the stresses that pop up, you can go down and read articles, update yourself on local activities, see what current movies are coming up or maybe even a suggestion to check out what’s on TV. It’s just a place to take a break. Yesterday morning I was working on the board, updating it for October. I thought I would feature one of the new television series for the new season. I was looking over listings and came across “Mike and Molly” on CBS. It’s about a couple that meets at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. I am very curious as to how it will be perceived by overweight people, as well as the general public. I know when Biggest Loser premiered many said who wants to watch a show about people’s struggles with weight but it became a very popular show. One, for me, that gives inspiration and motivation. But, a comedy that I am sure will have wise cracks and fingers pointing, I’m not too sure. The producers claim the show is “about love, not waistlines”. Who knows, perhaps we’ll learn something . Maybe we can relate. I plan to give it a try.

Yesterday on my afternoon of errand running, I visited Selective Seconds ( My daughter has talked about it on her blog ( and I’ve been wanting to check it out. It’s a clothing consignment shop. I was really impressed. It was a much larger store than I anticipated and the layout and organization made it easy to shop. They carry a wide selection of sizes up to 4X. They have many displays that the employees have put together with separate pieces that have been brought in that include scarves and jewelry. While I was going through the racks, I hear a voice say “what do you think of this”. I turned around and saw she was speaking to me. Well, you don’t want to offend but I really didn’t care for the floral top she was wearing all that much. She said I’m so short and round and I don’t want to look dumpy. I told her that I really didn’t care for the colors, that they were too muted. We talked a minute about maybe wearing it as a jacket with a brighter top under it. I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone’s opinion about how something looks on me. Maybe I just don’t want to hear an unbiased opinion. I bought a few things that included a jacket and top. I thought they may go with a pair of brown slacks I had that were packed away because they were too small. I wondered if perhaps I could wear them now as some of my clothes were starting to feel looser. When I got home I pulled the box out of the closet and went through its contents trying on some things as I searched. I’m sure these were items that were too small a couple of years ago when I packed them away or were they? I was feeling pretty good that a couple of pairs of slacks fit okay but when I found the brown ones they were still too tight. That’s okay, I took them out, put them on a hanger to put in the closet. I’ll try them on again next month to see if I have a new outfit.


NAN said...

OOh new clothes. I'm an oddball who has very little in her closet that doesn't fit- I get rid of things pretty fast. Right now I could use a few things for church. My mom always said no matter what your size, you should have some nice clothing..of course, when she died her closet was full and many still had the tags on them. she wore a lot of long vests to disguise the poundage. My sis is still sleeping- maybe we will hit the outlet mall later.

TinaM said...

I love Biggest Looser. I hadn't heard of Mike and Molly, but I want to check it out now!

That's awesome some of the clothes fit!!!!! Woo hoo!
Those brown pants will fit in no time!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check out Mike and Molly too. I hope they are not portrayed as a couple of dorks though. Must be nice maintaining the Happy Place - and probably difficult too.

You are closer to those brown pants now...nice. That's the best way to judge your progress.