Friday, September 10, 2010

Off the Mark

Boy ... the power of suggestion. In my last post, I mentioned not being bothered by the vending machines in our break-room and low and behold what problem did I have yesterday? Yeah, I was so bored in the afternoon; all I wanted to do was go downstairs and get something out of this gambling mechanism that wouldn't make me a winner or a loser. Candy wasn't an option, but I thought mmmm, peanuts would be good protein. Yeah, and peanut butter crackers would be a source of protein too. Then the light-bulb went off and I remembered the fruit ... yes how easily I forgot, I have an apple and grapes in the fridge so you all know what my next move was. I guess my boredom must have clouded that part of my brain or maybe I'm almost to where I want to be but just not quite.

Last night wasn't going to be one of those typical nights when I get home from work and relax. We had a "night out" planned. That doesn't usually happen when I have to go to work the next day but my niece's husband ... what do you call your niece's husband ... your nephew? He really isn't a blood relative and to come to think of it she isn't either since she's my husband's brother's daughter ... maybe my nephew-in-law. Anyway, JASON has started playing with this new band called "The Innocent Band". They play Billy Joel music and it was the premier ... debut performance last night. I would go home from work, change clothes and we would drive to the venue and get something to eat there before they took the stage.

I thought mmmm, why not wear jeans and it'll give me an opportunity to see if the weight I've lost is shown in those jeans I haven't worn in awhile. Wrong move, I know that the jeans I have do not measure success. They're always tight and it was NO exception to the rule last night but it's okay I was able to wear them and not feel any part of me having the circulation cut off and Gary said I looked nice.

We were on our way and when we got to the place it look liked no place we have ever been. It was just a big room with a stage and a few bar tables and stools. It kinda looked like a big warehouse. There was no waiters or waitresses. You had to go to the bar to order your drinks and food. I had checked online and they had listed what food they had in the restaurant and I picked out what I had planned to order ahead of time but found out in the room with the stage they did not offer the restaurant menu ... just munchies like fries, fried mushrooms, nachos, etc. We didn't want to give up our table as the crowd was starting to come in. I knew that Gary wouldn't be able to wait until after the show to go eat something and I tried to refrain from the breaded fried mushrooms he ordered but they were right there in front of me and I was hungry. He did eat the majority but I had a few. After the show, which was absolutely terrific and well received by the crowd, we headed out to find a place for dinner. It was after 9:00 and I knew that wasn't good to be eating that late. I knew we wanted a sit down place but had no idea what food counts were because I don't have a smart phone and I had left my kindle at home. We choose Chili's and I tried to be wise by getting the steak sandwich without a bun. It was slices of beef with grilled onions and mushrooms and also had provolone cheese. After the fact I knew that I could have asked them to leave off the cheese when I asked for no bun but I guess I really wanted it and was convincing myself that provolone wasn't that bad. It also came with fries and I ate half of those. I told myself that this is what I wanted, I should be happy that I did modify or reduce what I had eaten and one high calorie day didn't ruin anything, so enjoy. I was about 15 points over for the day but I had eaten well all week and I still had three days ahead of me. No need to freak out. I plan on going to the gym and doing my video today since I only work until noon.


TinaM said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog :)

It's nice to have a night out :)
One high calorie night won't mess everything up, as long as you don't let that one night turn into 2, and then 3 lol (that has been MY problem lately!!) Skipping the bun was good, every little bit helps!!!

Have a great day :)

NAN said...

Don't beat yourself up- my downfall is exercise...I walked for an hour 6 days a week until about a year ago and since then....well, can we say I stroll and rarely last 20 minutes? I can't do restaurants either- I'm such a tightwad so leaving food on my plate just won't happen. I'm really motivated this time so hope to read your blog daily since we are closer in age than most of the bloggers I have read. I didn't gain weight until my mid 40s and then it was a few pounds every year DRAT IT!

mensa said...

@ Tina, with just the two of us at home, it's easier to have nights out and it usually involves food, so I've got to be careful and do what I can do (like eliminate the bun) to make this plan work.

@Nan, No beatings with wet noodles any more, I realize what I've done and move on. It seems like we do restaurants ALL the time and I'm learning how that fits into the equation. To set the record straight I'm 61 ... am I the oldest? I can't believe I'm that old, especially here lately. 60 is today's 40 ... right?