Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting Along

I did pretty well yesterday. I still had what I brought for lunch on Monday waiting on me in the fridge at work. I had lunch provided at work both Monday and Tuesday and I was really looking forward to my tuna salad and fruit. I wonder how many people bring brown bags lunches to work and just eat them out of the bag. There's one gal in my office that I swear takes 15 minutes preparing her lunch, plating it like she was vying for some grand prize on the "Food Channel". I, however, do think it is important to make what you're eating look attractive, especially when you're eating less and try to lose weight. It has also helped me to use a smaller plate. It just make those smaller portions look bigger and helps to trick the brain a little. I mean with all the games the brain lays on us, turn around is fair play, isn't it? I did get out for a walk after I had my lunch like I had planned and the weather was beautiful.

Stephanie had sent an email saying that Wednesday was their night to eat at Moe's and Jacob was having his Cub Scout Rain Gutter Regatta and wondered if we wanted to join them. I am so fortunate to have Stephanie and Jim and Erick and Kim realize how important it is for us to be included in their lives and activities. Even after a dozen years or so ... probably even more of going through Empty Nest Syndrome, I still have relapses. I miss having family at home and I know Gary is probably saying "What am I ... Chopped Liver" but it's just that motherly feeling and need, having someone to nuture. Silly, I know ... well ... anyway I immediately looked up the nutrition information and knew what I was having, nothing to muddle over in my mind and no decisions to make on the spot. I had more than enough points to use as long as I stayed out of the chips ... which I did. I practiced my new slow eating technique and was fine. Moe's also gives you the option of having your selection prepared the way you want it and I opted to leave off the cheese and sour cream. DID GOOD!

After we ate we had about an hour before the Cub Scout meeting started so I went home to change clothes, as I came directly from work to be on time for dinner. Since we had some time to kill, I thought I would put the extra time to good use and do a little of my Richard Simmons video. I really don't like this video. I don't like the moves as much as his other videos but maybe I'll get use to it. Then off to the races. The way they race the boats is the boys blow on the sails to maneuver them down the gutter to the finish line. It's fun watching. Too bad that Jacob had to race against his friend, but it seemed like everyone had a good time. We got home in time to watch the premier of Survivor and see Ms. Chatter Box sign her own "Exit ... Stage Left".

It turned out to be a pretty good day!


Jess(ica) said...

It sounds like you had a very full, good day yesterday! So glad to hear it :-) I hope you have an awesome rest of your week!

Tammy said...

You made some great choices proud of yourself...I know I am. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm laughing about the co-worker plating techniques. We have a lady like that too. I do think your're right though. Making food look more attractive is all part of the experience instead of wolfing things down and looking around...More?

I wonder if my hubby feels like chopped liver too now that the kids are out of the house. I love having my granddaughter over. She's such a joy. Grandpa loves her too.

Wasn't that chattering lady a bit crazy. We have a pool at work. I have Yve. Thank goodness I didn't have her. I would strangle that woman, and I'm not violent.

NAN said...

Mensa, thanks for commenting. You are doing GREAT!I'm a plain ole' Nancy but online I go with Nan LOL. My grandsons call me Granny and my nephews (I have 4 from my sisters) call me Nanny. I am a late bloomer career-wise; I taught school 2 years and then had my 3 kids with same hubby in 15 years; big ones were 12 and 15 when Abigail was born (we planned for her!) That makes me OLD but I am pretty 'with it' husband died at age 48(masssive heart attack) and when A turned 16 I started working as a supported living coach for the highly functioning mentally challenged. Now I am going to be a support coordinator at my age and loving it and I have no intentions to retire.
PS Grands are both into scouting and DD is the pack leader.

Bernice said...

I know exactly how you feel! I love spending time with my kids! I'm proud of you too! I don't know if I could pass on the cheese!!! I LOVE CHEESE! Good for you though plan ahead! It helps to not be tempted if you already make a decision! YAY!

TinaM said...

It's so nice you have such a good relationship with your kids :)
You made really great choices, you should be proud of yourself!

I watched survivor, I can't see it being as good anymore after Russel LOL.