Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Challenge for October

Last night was Zumba. Because of being out of town last week, it had been two weeks since my last class so I knew if would be tough. I love the music, I love the beat, I love the steps ... what I don't love is any of the consistent arm movements. It seems I have no endurance or upper body strength. I keep thinking it will come but when????

We have a Wellness Committee at work of which I am a member. I think it's a great program to promote a healthy workforce. Each month we focus on a cause or a topic to endorse whether it be physical, emotional or whatever else assists your well being. Before the recession, we had great incentives where you could earn points and trade them in for prizes at the end of the year, such as cameras, luggage, gift cards, etc. When the economy took a dive, the company tightened its belt and reduced budget numbers across the board. There is still an incentive but they're company bucks that you can turn in for 1/2 day off, watching TV on the big screen in the conference room, jeans day, etc. It's still good and there are many ways to earn the bucks. We have had a stair challenge, different walks, attendance at our annual health fair to name a few. We also try to have several "Lunch and Learns" throughout the year where we bring in speakers.

The month of October is focused on "WALKTOBER". It's a website to promote walking. There is a $4 fee to join and you are able to track your walking and set goals. They also have tips, articles and recipes. When I signed up today I see that there is also a team challenge. I thought maybe I'd put it out there to fellow bloggers to see if anyone is interested in participating and starting a team. You can keep track of your walking by minutes or steps. Just something I'm throwing out there ... let me know. It will start this Friday on October 1st and all team members have to be registered by October 11. I know it's four bucks but have you ever paid four bucks for something that wasn't as good for your health. This just might get you going on being more active. If you're interested, I'm asking you to post the information on your blog to get more participants. If we get more than 20, I'll donate a prize to the person who has the most steps or minutes.

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NAN said...

Sounds like a good challenge but I fail at them. I am going to walk more even if on the treadmill at PF. Now my challenge is to stay off the scale until Wednesday! I think I'm going to put my scale under my bed!!!!