Sunday, September 5, 2010

Still a Kid in Some Ways

Yesterday was beautiful here in Maryland. We had mild temps and a nice breeze (maybe compliments of Earl). Kim and I, along with Evan who was riding his scooter and Katherine in the stroller left for the flea market and it was even a little chilly in the shade but I knew things would heat up on our walk. Kim is much shorter than me with shorter legs but she certainly has a good stride. She said she has learned to walk fast to keep up with Erick who is about a foot taller than she. It was truly a workout on our minimum of 1 1/2 miles to the train station where the swap meet is held. Erick and Gary took the van and met us there. Erick is training for a marathon in January and in his training he will be running 11 miles tomorrow, so he didn't need to walk.

They say that one person's junk is another one's treasure. We only found one piece of junk we'd consider bringing home and that was a wine decanter and glasses that had a sailing ship etched on them but the gal wanted more than the two offers we made initially and our FINAL offer as we were leaving. We left empty handed and I wondered if everyone was going to ride back home in the van. Kim asked if I was going to walk back and while I could really feel it in my back from walking all the aisles at the flea market, I knew it was something I needed to do, so we headed back. The hills seem to be optical illusions. When you were on them there didn't visually seem to be any incline but you could feel it and see it way ahead of you. We approached "Killer Hill" as we got closer to the house, and it made me use the mantra of ... I can do this, I can do this, I can do this and I DID!

We had lunch at Chick Fillet and I checked out the nutrition page BEFORE we left. YEAH ME! I opted for the 4 piece chicken strips and fries and only ate two of the strips. I shared the fries and was fine. Brandon wasn't feeling good, fighting a stomach bug, so we decided just to order in for dinner. A place suggested was Lido's which is a pizza and pasta place and when the decision was made, I immediately went to their webpage and checked out their nutrition page. Yep, pizza and pasta dishes have lots of calories and I wanted to remain in my target for the day, so I decided to go with a kids meal. When the order was made no one at the restaurant could say, "she ain't no kid" since it was a carry out and I felt comfortable asking for this portion. When Erick and Gary brought the food back, I thought the portion was a little small ... but it was enough and I knew I still had enough points for some ice cream later in the evening.

I'm pretty proud of myself for making the choices I'm making away from home and still enjoying what I'm eating. I know I'll be happy about the results on the scales when I get home too!

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