Monday, September 6, 2010

On Top of the World

Yesterday it was about time to go to lunch and Erick said to me "We were planning on going to Joe's " and then he hesitated, I knew he had some concerned about me watching my diet and I said that's fine, they have salad and fruit and I can have one slice of pizza and be okay. I also added "I'M IN CONTROL". So off to Joe's we went. Well, I didn't see any fruit but I started with soup and ate mainly the broth and then I went back for my salad. Those two prior to my treat of a slice of pizza did the trick of filling me up. Awhile back on my "Class Blog" I posed the question of which is best ... the first bite or the last? I wonder if knowing if I was only going to have one slice of pizza made that slice taste so good or if it was just really, really good pizza but it was awsome from the first bite to the last bite.

After lunch we made a quick stop home so the kids could put on their tennis shoes and then we were off to the park. I felt terrific and just like a little kid. I was going to be active in the park, not just sit there and watch the kids play. I was going to run ... jump, even though Gary says I don't know how to jump ... and play on the slide, swings, etc. It was fun keeping up with Katherine as she scurried from one place to another and it was a little exercise too. I'm posting a couple photos of my fun day.

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