Friday, September 3, 2010

Check Before ... Not After

Yesterday I worked until noon and then we were off to Maryland for the holiday weekend and to spend time with the family. I wasn’t worried about eating properly. I had already proven to myself this could be done when I came back from our Wisconsin vacation with a loss. I feel better that I have a little confidence under my belt and determination to stick to the plan. After about an hour on the road it was time to stop for lunch and Gary asked me what I wanted. I said something from a dollar menu somewhere, so we could save on money and calories. The dollar menu items are always the small portion. We ended up at Wendy’s and I could have sworn that the dollar menu chicken sandwich was grilled … I thought I had it before but maybe that was McD’s or Arby’s. I thought even though it was fried, since it was small it would be acceptable. I failed to look ahead to see what other choices I had and ordered the sandwich and a baked potato.

My new Kindle has the WhisperNet feature that I can get the internet on it. After we left Wendy’s, I downloaded to check points and found there were several menu items with less points than the chicken sandwich. Gary recommended I write those down in a notebook so I have more informed choices the next time I'm faced with what to order.

I thought what a great way to pass the time while riding in the car but to check out blogs but OH THE DRAMA! No, it wasn't Stephanie’s blog (, although hers was thought provoking with the question of what to give others when it comes to food, both as gift choices and guests in your home. What really got to me was this one site where a person’s comment was pretty direct to someone that was struggling with the right choices. It was to the point of I’ve tried to tell you and you aren’t listening and now I’m out of here. Pretty direct stuff. I went back to read some of this commentator stuff and it was odd to see that she had posted something a couple days prior asking how to handle the situation of a friend not getting it and how to approach her on the subject. The odd thing was the person getting the rant yesterday had commented on the commentator’s post. It was odd, I don’t know how I would have reacted if someone was so blunt with me. I probably would have been hurt at first but still would listen. I’ve always said that I need a coach more than a cheerleader.

I had just enough points left to stop at Cracker Barrel. Yes, I returned to the scene of the crime. The place where I lost all my motivation last weekend and that which started my spiral to end up with a gain at my last weigh-in. One thing that I did on this drive was to drink water constantly. In the past, I could go the whole trip without a potty stop. This time was different and once we got to Cracker Barrel, I had to go. I ran into the “john” and closed the stall door and then it hit me … why were their urinals in the women’s restroom. I immediately ran out thanking God no one else was in there or coming in there. I just assumed all Cracker Barrel’s restrooms were layed out in the same manner with the women’s on the right but this wasn’t the case in West Virginia.

I had my Chicken n Dumplin’s as Stephanie pointed out were less than the grilled chicken salad and a double of green beans since I had used too many points for lunch. Oh, I did have enough points left for ½ biscuit with butter and I was fine with that. I felt in control, I was in control.

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