Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It was always tomorrow

Things seemed to have run by in a rapid blur since my last post. There were more family meals and activities and I tried to keep myself in check. Pizza, fast food and cookouts. I felt that I was holding my own until our last family meal together before Erick and his family left. That meal was one I usually have trouble with and that is Mexican. I guess my downfall was sitting waiting for our meal to come out of the kitchen and I had this bowl of chips and cheese in front of me. Aw, that's what mindless eating is all about. It was there within arms reached and I did reach many, many times ... obviously too many times.

I'm don't know if I'm an advocate of weighing every day or not ... maybe every couple of days. I understand the fluctuation in body mass and it usually doesn't bother me to see the scales move upward one day if I know I am eating properly, because I know it will balance out over the week. However, I think it may be important to weigh daily if you haven't quite reached the discipline you need. I was away from the scales for a few days and yesterday morning was the moment of truth. I remember how excited I was about that 5# hash-mark that I went below. I considered it a milestone and here I was up above it again.

Erick, Kim and the kids got away around 10:00 a.m. and Gary and I headed to the river boats for a diversion. We needed to stop for lunch before we got there and I knew Wendy's would be a good choice for me. I was back in the saddle. We hit a couple of casinos with no luck and was headed for the third because we had a coupon for the buffet. The conversation then started back and forth in my head. Today was a new start and back on plan .... no, I had gain and we were still celebrating the holiday just start over tomorrow ... but if I do well eating, maybe I can pull tomorrow's weigh in as a turtle ... tomorrow is a brand new day, start it then ..... I also remember how much I wanted to get through Erick's visit and the holiday and show myself I could maintain through these type of situations, maybe even lose, but that sure didn't look like it was in the cards. STOP!!! We got to Hollywood Casino and walked around and didn't see anything we wanted to play. We head down to the buffet and there was quite a line and Gary didn't want to wait. It was around 6:00 and we decided just to head home but Gary suggested stopping at Golden Corral for dinner ... I wasn't home free, it was another buffet, but I put a stop to all the wait until tomorrow talk in my mind and decided this was the opportunity to show myself I could stay on plan, even at a buffet. I had a salad without the egg, croutons, ham etc. that I usually pile on and had a small steak and veggies. I made it out of there feeling good about my choices and my chances on the scale tomorrow. Maybe this little pre-test will help me when we're on vacation in a couple of weeks. Small steps will get me there.

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