Tuesday, July 13, 2010

O what a beautiful morning

Yep, that's right ... I'm singing a new tune today. I had intended on posting this first thing after I got up this morning, but it didn't happen. I'm not a morning person and I have my timing worked out just right, in order to give me the last possible minute I need to get out of bed to make it to work on time and it didn't calculate for any extra time to blog.

For as bad I as made yesterday out to be in the morning, it starting to positively turn around by mid-afternoon. I stuck to my guns with just some soup from Paradise Cafe for lunch still hoping for that loss at TOPS and Gary called to tell me that we finally got our Federal tax refund check. He had forgot to do some schedule that helped us get more of a refund. He found out about this after we filed. I guess alot of people didn't include this additional paperwork and we knew the recalculation would mean it would take awhile for us to get our refund. But, it couldn't have come at a better time and it was so much more than we anticipated. Now we can do some extra things on vacation, like eat ... or how about horseback riding?

It was then time to head to my TOPS meeting. I let a few people go ahead of me when weighing in. I just didn't know what to expect. The whole weigh-in process seemed to be confusing. I could see from the weights on the scale not going up, that I had a loss, but how much? Vera said it was 3/4# which was okay. I sure would have liked a whole pound instead of a fraction. It just sounds like more is accomplished. Like fractions really don't count but I was okay with it. In fact, it gave me what I wanted ... a loss before vacation. Something to keep me motivated and to strive for a loss the next time I weigh in. Then at roll call she said that I had a 1/4# loss ... I was confused, so I asked to be weighed again and this time, it was a whole pound. I'll take it.

Most of the group was going for Mexican food after the meeting and I knew how much I got in trouble at a Mexican Restaurant the last time I went, so I decided to head home. I stopped at McAlister's and asked to see their 200 calorie menu .... I was told it was really the 500 calorie menu.

It was still daylight when I got home and I asked Gary if he walked yet in the evening and when he said no, I suggested we go for a stroll. I thought it was comfortable out ... not too hot or humid but Gary said it was getting muggy. I could have gone farther but Gary was ready to head back and the sun had set. Over all things turned around and I knew the days ahead would be much better.

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