Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lesson Learned

It's a weird thing ... the subconscious. After I wrote yesterday about eating in and cutting my points in half, all I could think of was going out and getting something to eat on my lunch hour. I really wanted to cast my fate to the wind and head to "King David's Dogs" but ended up at Charlie & Barney's. Since neither of these have nutritional information I really don't know which would have been better, but I was hoping it was the one that I chose. Regardless, I knew that the point count was going to be WAY HIGHER than I was suppose to have. But, it's a done deal, no use crying over spilled milk or chili down the gullet. (Yeah that's right Chili with temperatures in the high 80's outside --it was nice and cool inside.)

Before I had left for work, I had also written an email to the first Bed and Breakfast where we're staying on vacation asking for assistance on what the dress code would be for the theatre in their town for which I had purchased tickets. I mentioned in my note that I would be fine wearing a summer dress but didn't want Gary to be over/under dressed for the occasion. Those words stayed with me too, because I went shopping for a summer dress on my lunch hour after my bowl of chili. I don't like shopping for clothes. My body is so misproportioned and now being at close to my heaviest weight (I've proud to have worked my way down from that the last few weeks) I see every flaw. I pulled a sleeveless blue floral print off the rack and just knew that it would be too tight across the hip area. Much to my amazement, it fit half-way decent ... okay, a bigger percentage than half, maybe 85%. My badonkadonk was noticeable but I thought with my white jacket it would look nice and I could work on the flow of the tush as I lose.

We had wanted to have dinner with Stephanie, Jim and the kids before we left on vacation and I was getting ready to email her about where to meet when I got a message from her suggesting "On the Border". Oh, Stephanie ... didn't you read my post about not wanting to be tempted Monday when the ladies at TOPS were going Mexican. I'm sure she did because she mentioned that we could help each other stay out of the chips. Well, I did stay out of the chips, even though I swore I felt my arm jerk a couple of times. I also choose wisely, ordering the chicken fajitas and we had a great family evening together. I did it, but could I do it when I don't have someone there supporting me. Well, I think I have a better chance now than I would have had on Monday. Sometime you've just got to prove it to yourself. If it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger


smpindy said...

Ha! Yes, I did read your post about avoiding the mexican restaurant and that's why I suggested going there :) I wanted you to see that you could do it. I also wanted to prove that I could do it to. And look at Jim - he didn't have any chips either and didn't need any moral support - ah, to have that new-weight watchers outlook.

mensa said...

Thanks, you gave the push I needed. I CAN do it. Sometimes, I've just got to be reminded that I can.