Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bring it on

I set out to make yesterday a good day and was successful. There were no bumps in the road or detours, it was just a smooth typical day. I purposely stayed off the scale. I always do, on the day after my official weigh in. I wonder why?

Maybe yesterday wasn't so typical after all. I had to make a trip to the Indiana Department of Revenue. We had gotten a "DEMAND TO PAY" notice on Saturday and after pulling out our return and checking the math didn't understand why we owed more money. It turned out there was a penalty because we owed (and paid) over $1,000 last year and when that happens you have to pay quarterly estimated taxes. We got a notice earlier in the year about the estimated reporting and I just chose to have more taxes taken out of my paycheck to cover it and I thought I was done with it ... until we got this bill. That was okay, I wasn't upset or let my emotions run wild about things not being fair or being mistreated. This wasn't going to ruin my day.

So many times when lunch rolls around even though I have a frozen dinner or a can of soup available in the office, I choose to go out ... just to get out and away from it all here at work. Lately, I've been doing okay if I make that option but I need to remember I can cut my points in half if I eat "in". Yesterday, that's what I did. I fought the temptation of going out and won. There was a reason ... I had picked up lunch for George the day before and it came with a cookie. The cookie that he said never to bring him with his sandwich. Amazingly, it sat on my desk on my "Miserable Monday" but there it was sitting there looking at me again. I thought (there I go thinking again) that I did very well with points on Monday and I'd check to see how many points were in the cookie. I found this new website "" and checked the calories and saw 280. I figured in the fat calories and thought ... mmmm, 4 points, that's not bad and it'll work into my plan. After I was 3/4 through the cookie, I realized I was using "FUZZY" math. I'm suppose to double the calories in the calculation, so it was really 7 points. OUCH! That's lunch. Well, it tasted good and I would just make adjustments.

Zumba was the next memorable point of my day. I wondered how I would do, if I'd want to question my decision. Yeah, I liked the beat and the sweating was good but could I keep up. Some how I ended up in the front row. I thought about Stephanie's posts about "Front Row" and knew I shouldn't be there. Why? Because I'm not coordinated enough, everyone will see me going in one direction when I was suppose to be going the other way and I couldn't jump in one of the selections ... I put it out there for all to see. Emotions, emotions, emotions ... tough, who cares ... why do I think I'm being judged ... why does it matter. Well, Stephanie was right. It was a little easier this week. I didn't think I was going to collapsed before the class ended and even though I didn't do every step, if I kept it up maybe I would by the end of the six weeks ... and that would be a building block.

Gary fixed Italian Stir fry for dinner which I enjoyed but kept my portion in check, continuing by eating on a salad plate. A little TV and off to bed to be rested to start another wonderful day.

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