Friday, July 16, 2010

Just another day

Back to the mall yesterday to get a pair of shoes for my new dress. While I was there, I thought I may as well eat at Subway. I'm in a vacation mode and have the desire to eat out. Yeah, I know ... I'll starting eating in again when we get back from vacation.

Nothing really going on at work but I kept busy and the day moved along pretty good. I had a lot to do at home for our trip. I still needed to iron a few things and then pack everything up and color my hair. Years ago when we'd go on vacation I'd be packed a week before our trip. Wonder what happened to all that motivation and preparation. Now I seem to wait until the last minute ... for a lot of things. Is it I work better under pressure or is that a myth? Well, at least I was in bed by 11:00, although I didn't sleep well.

I was sure I was going to see a big loss this morning. I had been on target with points using an average and yesterday after dinner and our evening stroll I had an episode where my stomach didn't like what it had for dinner. When I got on the scales a 1/4# gain .... it's fluctuation, it's water ... it's the way I'm standing on the scales. Well, although a little discouraged I'm going to keep to my word and hopefully see another hash mark bite the dust when I get back home in about ten days. Would I be so bold to say TWO hash marks?

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