Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It was so hard getting up yesterday to go to work after such an enjoyable long weekend, but you do what you gotta do. I'm sure that could be carried over to eating right and exercising. If you put the time and effort in, both come with a paycheck

Last week there was a "Try It" Zumba class at work, due to a new instructor. I missed the class because Erick and his family were in town, but told our Wellness person here in the office that I wanted to sign up for the class no matter what. Around mid-morning an email was circulated that the Zumba class was starting its 6-week session after work. I thought that's great ... not only did I have a weigh-in at TOPS tonight, I didn't bring any workout clothes. It was a valid excuse why I couldn't make it. And ... if I didn't show the first night, why even take the class. They probably said something at the "Try It" class that the session was starting this week, but no one bothered to tell me.

Dig down deep, Sheilah. How bad do you want to be healthy and lose weight? They say if there's a will, there's a way. My weigh-in didn't start until 6:00, so I could be in the class for at least 45 minutes and I could call Gary to run me down some clothes to exercise in. Now looking at it ... there was no excuse. I went to the class and got a good workout. My endurance is not there and I could hear that voice in my head saying I shouldn't have done this because I can't keep up. I did the best I could do and will go back again next week hoping to be a little stronger and I figure as long as I moving there's a benefit. I've heard the expression that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. Last night I was a thoroughbred because my head was covered in sweat and that's a good thing.

I headed to TOPS thinking that all I wanted to do this week was show myself that you can get through a week of company or vacation or celebration and not go off the deep end. How wonderful it would be to face the scale and see that this time you didn't end up taking two steps back instead of one step forward. It would be a huge success just to maintain from the previous week. When I got on the scales at home, in the morning my good moves at the buffet yesterday paid off and I was back below the 5# hash mark, but was it enough. The TOPS scale is the official scale and it doesn't always agree with the one at home. SUCCESS, I was down one whole pound. I actually got through a tough, tempting week unscathed. There is hope and inspiration in my heart. I'm ready to start another week. Bring it on!!

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smpindy said...

I'm so proud of you Mom!!! First for having a loss this week. And a whole pound! That's is awesome.

Secondly, that's amazing that you went to class after being presented with so many easy ways out. That took a lot of determination.

Don't worry about your endurance; it will come. It was hard for me in the beginning and even when I've missed a few classes it takes me awhile to get back to 100%. The important thing is that you were there.

Did you like it??? How's your instructor?

Keep up the great work.